Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthdays are fun.

And mine certainly was!

Thank you, to my lovely step-dad for the birthday gift of the century!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Keep on keeping on.

Things always have to get worse before they get better ... and to make it a little worse, I woke up to an email saying my account was overdrawn by $7 and some change. No biggie, except the fact the combined amount in all my accounts was only $6 and something. Leaving me still overdrawn by $0.88. What a harsh slap in the face from reality.

G got a full time job, but pay checks won't really be coming in for another week or so, and bill's are just getting higher. Not to mention the constant stress I have to put up with when he finds out how much money we really don't have. Being poor is one thing, but having to listen to someone complain about it day in and day out is a completely different animal. I know we're broke, but I also know we're not seriously default on any of our bills, so just shut up and let me deal with it. /stress

In other news, our vacation went well. We headed down to Houston to help a friend move, then stayed the weekend in Galveston on the beach. Literally on the beach. It was beautiful. After moving my friend in, and dealing with her somewhat arrogant boyfriend, we headed to the beach. It would have been nice to be rid of them by then, but on one hand I didn't want to be that rude, and on the other, it wasn't going to kill me to be nice. After all, countless people have told me that I come off as very mean, harsh, uncaring, etc.

The Gulf of Mexico is in an entirely different ballpark than the ocean proper. Not to say that it is dirty, but the water is not crystal clear. It is full of the same animals and critters you'd find off the coast of Florida, but the problem lies in not being able to really see them. It's all due to the flow of the Mississippi River into the Gulf, and not the mention to beginning of Hurricane season. The water is cool, the sun is hot, the beach is beautiful, and it's affordable. Atleast for us. It's a mere 5 and a half to 6 hours away, and a perfect weekend getaway.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to go back now. Certainly that 88 cents the bank took from me!