Saturday, May 01, 2010

'Ello there.

I've had this blog for years. I used to update it. But then I lost interest.

So I hid everything I posted from view. A few years later, I remembered and looked to see what nonsense I had written. I deleted everything, and started all over.

Another few years went by and I repeated the cycle.

I'm sure that'll happen again, but for now I'm going to entertain myself while I slowly waste away at a job that I truly believe is beneath me. No, I'm not a holier than thou shallow bitch, but there are certain times in everyone's life where you're allowed to be better than something. And this job is one of them.

So, welcome. Again. And if any of my old readers happen to still be out there, a lot of things have changed, my dear friends. A lot.

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