Friday, April 01, 2011

Day 1: Write about your best friend

This is a little difficult as I don't hold anyone currently in the "best friend" category. My husband automatically is, but outside of us .. there's not much else to fill that space. So, because of that I'll write about my hubby.

I love calling him that. It's a change change from "fella."
We met 4 years ago on the internet. Not through a dating site, but a common forum that we both frequently daily. I had the biggest crush on him, I couldn't even stand it. I'd see him online and I'd stalk his posts. Eventually we exchanged phone numbers and sent thousands of texts back and forth each month. He lived just over 4 hours away and one weekend I decided that I was going to drive up to Oklahoma and see if this crush is going to pan out. Long story short, it did and we've been inseparable ever since.

Growing up I never really had that one friend that finished my sentences or got my lame jokes. I thought I did, but looking back I wasn't being true to myself. I was being who I thought these people wanted me to be. I quickly discovered how awesome and awkward I really was and I just went with it. Today, people say that I'm harsh and sometimes mean. But that's just the sarcasm talking. I am one of those that needs to be around other sarcastic people. People that understand that sarcasm in and of itself is it's very own language. And a language I am more than fluent in.

[side note - As I am writing this I can hear one of our dogs snoring outside]

After I moved out of TN, it seems that no one really wanted to try to keep a relationship going. So I soon gave up. Who needs lame friends from high school anyway. Then I discovered just how wonderful the internet could be outside of AOL. I found internet forums that catered to things I was interested in and as such I found Gerald.
He gets my jokes. He watches the same TV shows. He allows me to be hormonal and myself. And he loves me for it.

One day I'd like that have that "best friend"outside of our marriage, but it's safe to say I'm ok with not having that right now.

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