Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TV has given me a false sense of reality.

So it's no secret that I'm absolutely obsessed with all of the wedding shows on TLC, Bravo, Style, WE, etc. It's gotten so bad that I'm not even aware that I'm watching them. I can't help it!

Never in a million years would I have the money to afford even the least expensive options at Kleinfelds, or a reception at The Four Seasons. But it is fun to watch ... and dream.

Last week, I took my mother, step dad, and grandmother on the first dress shopping experience of many. I'd never been in a wedding dress, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. For that matter, I wasn't even sure what I wanted. But I knew what I didn't want .. and that was a 4 digit price tag. So we make it over to David's Bridal and the place is packed. I never really considered myself a true plus size lady. I was always an inbetweener, but putting on just one of those dresses proved me wrong. Yes, I realize wedding dresses are cut to an unrealistic size chart, but still. So, even going to the shop I was apprehensive about what, if anything, I'd fit into. And even further, what would be flattering to my soda can shape.

Much to my surprise, there were several brides in the shop that were larger than me. It sounds shallow, but it was nice to know that I wasn't the largest one in there. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the shop had a good selection of plus-size gowns to try on. About half were too small, a fourth were too big, and another fourth fit just right with minor adjustments. I didn't find "the one" or at least I don't think I did.

It's hard to make a decision when you're support party doesn't really offer any kind of criticism. Not that I expect them to tell me bad things, but I'd like to hear them. Things like "that dress doesn't really show your curves" or "maybe try something that's not so low cut in the back" or even better "I don't like that one." Really, it's not that hard people!
What I think looks attractive on me, probably doesn't. And what other people see is most of the wedding anyway, so of course I want to know what other people think!

I got so frustrated, I just went home and cried for two days. I'm not even sure I want to go to a different shop. But you're supposed to get back on the horse, right?


D'Ann said...

Its because you didn't take me! I would have constructively criticized.
I loved the dress you linked to yesterday. It looked like you. Maybe we should go over and try it on?
I just know you're going to be gorgeous. You don't need a wedding dress for that :)

:::b r a n d i::: said...

Take me. You know I'm honest. I can be your Randy. : )