Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mmm. Lasagna.

So it seems I only feel like updating this old thing when things are not as I wish they were. It makes it seem like I'm not a happy individual. On the contrary, I'm an extraordinarily happy person, I just don't always show it. Things go wrong and for a few hours or more, I mope about them, then I get on with my life. No harm no foul.

This blog over the years (though I have many many posts hidden or removed from previous years) has served as a dumping grounds for all the things I probably should have said to all of the people who have let me down in some way or another. I deleted posts about men I dated. I deleted those about work frustrations, and I removed those few posts about friends that were never really friends. Life goes on, you know?

In other news, married life has been great so far. And simply because I have not changed my name yet. I had to wait for the marriage license to return before I could even begin attempting to change my name. I can't even change it on the utilities, which is odd to me as I never had to prove who I was when I started service? Who knows. They never had my name right to begin with, I'm starting to wonder if I even need to change it. Change it on the utility accounts, that is. Of course I'm going to actually change my name. I will be glad to be rid of the "family" last name. It makes me sound like a heartless person, but when you never had a relationship with someone, does that really make me the bad guy?

That's for another post. I need to go check on my delicious brownies anyway. Ciao!

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